The story of the Raider

The Story of the Raider  


April 18th 1942 was when Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle lead an attack on Tokyo. His 80 men were the first to ever bomb Japan.  That day 16 B25s were launched off a carrier in the Pacific. 77 of the 80 men survived.  For these actions he was double promoted shortly after and was awarded the Medal of Honor. 

 What does this have to do with the watch?  

 The inspiration came from an old world war II watch. He set out to  create a beefed up Elgin A11 with the bezel aspects of an A13 (Elgin navigator pocket watch). I made the lugs a bit fatter to better suit the case diameter. The crown is also styled very similar to the A11. It is big but not big crown big which in effect eliminates that potential for it hitting your wrist. The case size is 42mm for the year 1942, the year of the attack (yes a bit of luck there).


 Let’s move to the case back. . . .  The compass is the lay out that is found in the cockpit of the B25 * Note there were various models of the plan. The B25 silhouette is inside that compass facing heading 250 which is identified as the 25th hash. 


Are you still with me?  The dial…. The star is not my logo, rather it stands for the rank of Brigadier General Doolittle. The font is one I love and is most commonly found in Swiss vintage pilots and a few newer ones as well. A small nod to the end of the war in Europe. This being the 75th anniversary of the end of the war, Raider is named after the Tokyo or Doolittle raids.