Story behind the Air Commander

When  I was at my last duty station, I participated in "breakfast with the commander", a periodic event the help moral and to get to know the wing commander,  he was a former F-15 fighter pilot and a very good one at that.  During that breakfast some of the airmen got him to tell some stories. . . all the airman would be listening as if they were ordered to attention, because we wanted to  hear what he had to say. 


During my time on base, I remember once in a while, an A10 would be up and that pilot would be pulling all kinds of maneuvers. You never really got to see them fly like that too often. . . after a couple times I learned it was the wing commander getting his hours in. 


Are you asking yourself what does this have to do with the watch yet? Alright, So when i was designing this watch, I was thinking about all those old badass wing commanders, base commanders etc. . . that ride the desk because of their rank but still want to be up there flying.  This watch embodies this!  It's a dressier watch for us at Mitchell but it's still a true pilot.  Strong legibility quick and easy to read, but a bit dressy for those desk days in blues.  It's versatile like our wing commanders, aces and true leaders. This watch reminded me of those guys we take orders from, look up to and respect. The ones that do and teach. Thank you for your service!