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About Us


Mitchell Timepieces was developed through my passion for watches and military aircraft. While we label ourselves a Pilot brand, we offer aviation inspired pieces as well. Our pilot watches will feature aspects of both historic and modern designs, bringing our take on the modern pilots while tying in inspiration from various military aircraft. 

Some of the biggest influences for me as it relates to watches are the Elgin A11 and some of the original WWII timepieces from both axis and allies. While these watches, along with other historical timepieces in aviation history impact my designs, so do the aircraft throughout history. From WWII bombers to today’s modern bombers and fighters such as the A10 Warthog, F22 and 35, these modern military craft have an impact on me and my brand because I worked directly with them and the missions they supported. 

My promise is to provide the highest quality timepiece I can while honoring the men and women that support and maintain these aircraft.  Every watch will be produced in small runs, anywhere from 10-piece limited editions to 50 and 100 watch runs to ensure a unique and exclusive timepiece for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Whats in a Name?

Whats in a name?  Mitchell Timepieces is named after my maternal grandfather who passed away when my mother was a teenager. "Buddy" Mitchell was a constable for a rural area in West Virginia. While on duty he was in a car chase resulting in an unfortunate car crash that suddenly ended his life. While I never got to meet him, I wanted to pay my respects  through the brand with a consistent theme of  support and honor those who keep us safe.